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Postie builds beautiful email campaigns using the best of your Instagram content. We take the pain out of creating campaigns and you can trust that the content is going to be loved by your customers.

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Postie pre-builds your campaigns for you using your Instagram content.

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Whether you’re currently using mailchimp, another shopify app or don’t have a database set up, you can bring your subscribers into Postie in just a few clicks.

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Our simple process takes all the pain out of creating emails. It’s so easy. You’ll send more emails with Postie and get lots of value for just a few minutes a week.

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"My first campaign went out at 11am and i've already had orders from it. I have 2,000+ subscribers and known they’re basically untapped as I have no time to do email letters. I jumped at this to see how it would go and I really do think it’s wonderful!"

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Our beautiful templates have been tested and optimised to look great on all email platforms and that’s not as easy as it sounds!


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