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The single biggest challenge, and opportunity, for bridal and wedding marketing

Every other industry has it easy. Well, maybe not divorce lawyers, but most industries at least.

“Statistically speaking, the cost of acquiring a new customer costs five to ten times more than retaining an existing one.” The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

For anyone running businesses with the aim to sell you the next size up in babygros, a new handbag every season or their latest range of lipstick colours, their databases are everything. Build it and build more opportunities to sell.

The wedding industry is a little different. From bridal gown designers, to florists, venues, photographers, cake makers... almost everything is a one-time deal. The bride generally only wants to do this once!

So what can someone in the bridal industry do? When the wedding is over does every ex-bride become an ex-customer?

Catch the Bouquet // Your Turn Next

Advocacy is everything. Every bride knows someone whose turn is next, we've all seen a bride aiming that bouquet at a certain friend ...and this is the single biggest opportunity for marketers in the bridal industry.

The challenge is keeping the connection alive. After the nuptuals, the bride is ready to move on, but you want to stay in front of her so when it's her friend's turn, she thinks to tell her about you.

Here are our top tips for letting your customers drive your marketing for you:

One Customer Equals Many Points of Contact
When dealing with the bride, maid of honour, sisters, mother-in-law and anyone and everyone else, consider each as a point of advocacy.
The bride can and likely will be the ultimate referrer of what you do oh-so-well, but this definitely extends to the wider bridal party posse.
Let people know they can join the mailing list. Whether you gently ask them, or leave a sign up form on the counter, you'll be suprised how many people want to hand over their email addresses.

A post-wedding bride still appreciates the aesthetic of beautiful gowns, a beautifully-presented venue or incredible wedding photography.
Instagram is a great soft sell; if your content is beautiful, she'll keep following you.
Use your Instagram channel to present the kind of content that will encourage your ex-customer to tag her friends.
Post regularly... it's all about presenting lust-worthy snippets to create that dream wedding. More tips on Instagram here

Use Clever Email
Instagram's biggest downfall is that the content is missable. Anything you post will be seen by about 20% of your followers.
Use Postie to build emails for you that ensure your best customers will see your best content.
Send emails every couple of weeks to your whole database of prospects, current brides and those who have had their special day.
Postie emails are the perfect balance. Show off your incredible creations without it coming across as a hard sell. They're the kind of emails that people don't see as intrusive and are happy to keep getting in their inbox because they're beautiful and easy to read.
Great for your ex-bride to share with her soon-to-be bride friend/s.

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Use our tips to ensure that every customer is thinking about you well after their special day and brings lots of opportunity your way.

Peter Davis

Peter Davis

Postie CEO, married to Maria, dad to 3 year old twin girls. Everything else is a bit of a blur!

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