Postie Collaborations FAQ

What’s the difference between this and Facebook or Google advertising?

Traditional digital advertising focuses on putting your messages in front of people based on their age, gender and location. By collaborating with other brands, you can find customers who shop with brands like yours. Emails also drive clicks and we give you full transparency about how people clicked on campaigns that include guest content.

Postie also gives you the opportunity to make the money rather than going to google or Facebook. You get paid for having a database that is engaged.

How do I set this up?

You can create an account in 3 minutes and then you can create a profile in one click and create guest content as easily as selecting an image from Instagram.

How do I create ads and a profile?

You can create a profile in one click and create guest content as easily as selecting an image from Instagram. You have full control to edit your profile and guest content as much as you want.

A brand who I want to collaborate with isn’t listed.

Tell us who and we’ll go and find them for you!

Can I change my ad after I’ve confirmed a collaboration?

Of course. A guest can edit their guest content. Whenever they do, a host is alerted and guest content won’t be included in a host’s campaign unless the guest content has been approved by the host.

How much will I pay or get paid for being a guest or host?

We calculate the value of putting content into a host’s campaign based on the size of a host’s database, and by how engaged their database is (based on open rate and click rate). A database can grow or reduce in size based on new sign ups, so the exact price of a collaboration may vary slightly. If price varies by more than 15% we’ll send a note to both parties to let you know. If a price increase by more than 30% we’ll require the guest to reapprove the collaboration.

How do I pay?

You can connect a credit card and your account will be debited when a campaign that you’ve agreed to work with is sent out.

How do I get paid?

A host receives 80% of the price, Postie takes 20% to manage everything. Any money you earn will be credited to your account, you can view this in your profile and use these funds to pay for being a guest in other campaigns, or you can withdraw it at any time.

What if I’ve never sent a campaign through Postie?

You can still advertise, but you won’t be able to host campaigns 😭 Try Postie out, send a campaign to your customers. You’ll love it, your customers will love it, and then you’ll be able to earn money by being a host!

Postie - Collaborations FAQ