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Postie is a tool that opens up the possibilities of email marketing to brands who create great Instagram content.

We automate the process of creating powerful emails by building your instagram content into a clean and effective layout and driving traffic to wherever you want on the internet.

Based on the info you give us when you register, we set everything up and will send your emails to your subscribers once a a week or fortnight.

We'll send you alerts through the process and give you the opportunity to jump in, swap images, change links and include some copy before we hit send.

Connect to Instagram

In the registration process you authorise Instagram, so we can jump in and find your most engaging content based on likes and comments.

Import your database

You upload people who you'd like to receive your emails, either directly from Mailchimp, by uploading a csv or one at a time 😱. We handle everything like duplicates and unsubscribes for you. Much more on this here.

Other bits of info

You give us details like the name emails will come from, and tell us when you want your campaigns to be sent out

Your first campaign

Once you're set up we'll line up your first campaign. Your campaign will become ‘Ready’ when it ticks over to being within 48 hours of your send time, then you can jump in and do as much editing as you want.

Editing your campaign

You can do things like write some copy to go in your email and replace any images that our algorithm picked for you.

Sending campaigns!

We'll send your campaign at the time you choose. You can view stats including who opened and clicked on what!

Tweaking your settings

You can change your settings whenever you want, including the send times of individual campaigns, your regular send time and the default link we use for your images.

Ready for Postie to start working its magic?

Average time taken to register is less than 4 minutes!

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